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October, 2014


10 Years of the Social Trends Institute

Thanks to the work of hundreds of experts from institutions spanning the globe, and many collaborators and supporters, STI has had a fruitful 10 years as a research institute. 30 books of original scholarship have been published based on the 29 meetings STI has so far sponsored, stimulating the public discourse on a wide range of emerging social trends. Many thanks are due to all who have made STI’s work possible and to everyone who uses it to forward understanding of complex issues affecting the globalized modern world. Download STI’s 10th Anniversary Memorandum and keep up with the Institute on Facebook and Twitter.

SEP 18

Bradford Wilcox: "The World Family Map Gives Us Insights Into the Unique Family Strengths Found in Different Regions of the World"

Interview with W. Bradford Wilcox, Senior Fellow of the Institute for Family Studies and Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. Wilcox is Codirector of the World Family Map Project, which is sponsored by STI.

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SEP 09

Nicanor Austriaco: "Recovering a Robust Account of Substantial Form Will Allow Us to Better Bring Science and Religion Into Conversation"

A molecular biologist and a moral theologian at Providence College, Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., participated in STI's Experts Meeting "Focus on the Embryo" and recently gave a presentation at the Anscombe Centre for Bioethics at Oxford University.

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JUL 25

Carlos Cavallé: "My First Chair at IESE Was a Stool"

STI founder Carlos Cavallé shared this interview with IESE's magazine Seven Days, in its July 21, 2014 edition. Professor Cavallé was dean of IESE Business School for 17 years. He has been professor emeritus at IESE since 2003.

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JUN 11

Alexander: "The Big Newspapers Are Earning Money Again"

Interview on occasion of an STI experts meeting that took place in Barcelona last May 3 to 6. Yale media sociologist Jeffrey C. Alexander reflects on journalism today. This is an English translation of an interview in La Vanguardia.

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