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January, 2016

The Social Trends Institute wishes the entire STI community all the best in the new year.

DEC 28

The Value of Care and Domestic Work

Ignacio Socias, Director of International Relations at the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) shared with STI two policy papers on the value of unpaid work in the home, the first of which follows. The second will follow next week.

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DEC 21

What Differentiates Humans from Machines?

We discussed with STI Expert Prof. Luis Echarte some of the conclusions of his last paper, which analyzes freedom, the mind-brain problem and the differences between human beings and machines.

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DEC 14

On Biomedicine and its Limits

Joseph E. Davis (Construction of New Realities in Medicine) discusses some of the conclusions from our latest publication "To Fix or To Heal," of which he is co-editor.

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