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Social Trends Institute Reports: February 2017

Journalism and technology have been the focus of STI’s attention this month. What content do we receive from media? What image of society do they project? How do they influence society? And how should we deal with advancing artificial intelligence? These are among the questions considered in this month’s articles. 

JAN 23

Will Artificial Intelligence Make the World a Better Place?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications already outperform humans in many tasks. Expert Luciano Floridi reflects on the possible consequences.

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JAN 30

TV Families: Stereotypical or Real?

Television series are all the rage – mass phenomena that fuel discussions and study. Their influence on society is on the rise and their portrayal of reality can even influence that very reality.

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JAN 16

How to Sift Reliable News from the Cacophony

The past, present and future of journalism and its new challenges, objectivity, digital technology, transparency, social media, who’s who... The new book by C.W. Anderson, Michael Schudson and Leonard Downie, "The News Media," addresses all this.

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