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Social Trends Institute Reports: May 2017

How does cultural diversity play out in politics, in commerce, in art? STI Academic Leaders Andrew Phillips and Christian Reus-Smit expand on how our last experts meeting poses the question from the perspective of International Relations; Expert Neslihan Cevik considers the multicultural marketplace; and STI grant recipient Pablo Quiñonero analyzes audiovisual narratives from the premise that culture can be translated. 

APR 30

Back to the Cultural Diversity and IR Drawing Board

Current discussion of the relationship between cultural diversity and International Relations is based on flawed perceptions of both. STI experts are rethinking the issue on new terms.

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APR 24

Halal Markets as Sites of Cultural Hybridity: Moral Agency and Public Participation

For decades, markets saw religion, especially Islam, as something that required little or no attention. The turn of the Millennium proved this thinking wrong.

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APR 12

Cultures - Like Languages - Can Be Translated

What do Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and John Sturges’ Magnificent Seven have to with globalization? Pablo Quiñonero Pertusa has an answer.

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