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Social Trends Institute Reports: October 2017

International order is in the spotlight this month at several levels. First, IR scholar Ayşe Zarakol discusses her latest book, Hierarchies in World Politics.  The other two pieces treat the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDG Fund Director Paloma Duran assesses the overall progress at the two year mark, and Diego Barroso delves into the specific goal of education, describing one initiative to improve education by taking parents into account as well as children.

SEP 30

International Relations: Anarchy or Hierarchy?

In academia, the world of international relations has long been understood as anarchical. But mightn't it be more heirarchical? Ayşe Zarakol's book "Heirarchies in World Politics" makes that case.

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SEP 25

A New Way of Working for Sustainable Development Goals

Two years into the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG-Fund director, Paloma Durán, assesses progress and what can be learned from early programs to insure future success. To achieve the 2030 Agenda, she says, we have to find new ways to collaborate.

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SEP 14

Parents Need Teachers, Too

Parental education contributes to family well-being. Family policies should help parents to fulfill their role in the development of children by teaching parenting to both adolescents and adults.

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