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Social Trends Institute Reports: November 2017

Social Science research documents the trends the Social Trends Institute seeks to shed light on, and suggests causes and consequences of revealed patterns. The first piece this month highlights research that demonstrates the increasing gap between the college-educated and the rest of US society.  Next, STI continues to invest in young researchers’ higher education – with very promising results.  Lastly, sociology reveals and elucidates the far-reaching effects of the economics of sex.

OCT 05

Why Are Working-Class Families Comparatively Fragile Today?

“Poor and working-class Americans pay a serious economic, social and psychological price for the fragility of their families,” concludes new research for the Opportunity America-AEI-Brookings Working-Class Group.

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OCT 25

Investing in Investigation

Three of the eight young researchers embarking this fall on the Master’s in Social Science Research at UNAV have received a grant from the Social Trends Institute. And one of last year’s grant recipients has won an academic prize for her work.

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OCT 31

Cheap Sex

This provocatively-titled new book by Mark Regnerus has stirred up some controversy. The author, a sociologist from the University of Texas at Austin, expounds on the work and addresses some criticisms of it in this interview with STI.

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